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Connect with your most valuable audiences globally, at any time.

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Maximize Earnings from Your Online Presence

Get ads that fit right into your content without disrupting the user experience. Plus, enjoy top-notch traffic from our network of select publishers.

Optimal ROI in Mobile and Desktop Performance Advertising

Leveraging state-of-the-art, big data-driven, and intelligent algorithms, our blist service ensures that both advertisers and publishers benefit from high-ROI, performance-focused advertising.

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Complete Monetization Solutions

We offer tailored design for ad placements and round-the-clock consultation on waterfall implementation. Our approach covers the entire ad cycle, from attracting users to maximizing ad revenue.

Audience Segment Technology

Adilyy DUO brings cutting-edge AI for data analysis, comparing audience and media tags. With a dual-tag system and over 25,000 customized tags, it targets your desired audience with precision.

Transparent Platform

Our efficient infrastructure dismantles data barriers. By integrating real-time ad data from various platforms, we provide the most insightful and optimal advertising insights.

Why Choose the Premier Online Ad Network

Dedicated Partner Support

We take partner care to the next level, offering not just answers but comprehensive support. Our expert team guides you in optimizing campaigns and maximizing traffic monetization, ensuring your ad strategy flourishes.

Ad Safety and High-Quality Traffic

Adilyy boasts a robust 3-level security system, filtering out malware, ad fraud, and bot traffic. Our intelligent algorithms target the most relevant audiences using over 20 parameters, ensuring top-notch views and clicks.

Tools to Enhance Performance

Our platform enables advertisers to fine-tune their strategies with Traffic Estimator, Smart CPI, CPR, CPM, and CPA Goal. Custom Bid offers precise adjustments for bids, rewarding the best-performing ads with higher payouts.

Innovative Ad Formats

Adilyy's Next-Gen Social Bar Ads resonate with digital natives, especially social media users. These exclusive ad formats allow marketers and website owners to engage effectively with high-intent audiences.

Maximize Your Revenue with Audience Segment Technology

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Adilyy is an innovative advertising media company, that excels in connecting top brands with their most valuable users worldwide. Our in-house data management system ensures we target the most relevant audiences using a vast array of media channels available today.


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